FF2013 Bubble

GTAR 5th Annual The Fresh The Furious Tournament - Bubble Bouts

Finals & Semi Finals - Bouts in the Ted Reeve Bubble - Bouts in Ted Reeve Arena

16 Teams, two tracks, 27 twenty minute Games one 30 minute Final, one day.

13th Juy 2013

Ted Reeve Arena and adjacent Bubble.


Area 705 Roller Derby – Area 705 Roller Derby

Capital City Derby Dolls – Capital City Derby Dolls

Crow City Roller Girls – Crow City Roller Girls

Deadly Viper Assassination Squad – Toronto Roller Derby

Debutante Warriors – GTA Rollergirls & Woodstock Warrirors

DRRD Farmers – Durham Region Roller Derby

Fergus Feims – Fergus Roller Derby

Hammer City FreshMeat – Hammer City Roller Girls

Les Bûches – Roller Derby Québec, Roller Derby Rimouski & Laviolette Rollergirls

Pulp Affliction – Orangeville Roller Girls

Queen’s Court – Queen City Roller Girls

Renegade Derby Dames – Renegade Derby Dames

The NEOFights – Gold City Roller Girls, Nickel City Roller Derby, Greater Sudbury Roller Derby, Cochrane Roller Derby, Temiskaming Area Roller Girls, Sault Roller Derby & Kirkland Lake Roller Derby

The Power Dames – Seaway Roller Derby Girls

Top Herloins – Royal City Roller Girls

Windsor A-Salt – Border City Brawlers

The Fresh The Furious 2013 Bouts in the Bubble

G24 D-VAS vs Windsor A-Salt

G23 Renegade Derby Dames vs Pulp Affliction

G20 Crow City Roller Girls vs The NEOFights

G19 Smooth Operators vs Pulp Affliction

G16 The Power Dames vs Pulp Affliction

G15 Crow City Roller Girls vs D-VAS

Due to an oversight with camera capacity only half the bout was recorded - sorry Guys !

G14 The NEOFights vs Queen's Court

G13 Smooth Operators vs Fergus Feims

G08 Pulp Affliction vs D-VAS

G07 The Power Dames vs Crow City Roller Girls

G06 Queen's Court vs Fergus Feims

G05 The NEOFights vs Smooth Operators